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Convert Slope-Intercept to Standard Form Equations

I recently put up a lengthy post that described how to go about performing point-slope form to standard form equation conversions, for when you are trying to express the equation of your line in a specific manner. However, what about if you don’t have an equation in point-slope form, but rather have it in slope-intercept form instead, and now want to write that in standard form? Thankfully, the principles of the algebraic rearrangement remain the same, so if you understand how to do one conversion, the other should be a similar-tasting piece of cake. I’ll outline the steps you can follow in this post so you can convert slope-intercept to standard form. Continue reading Convert Slope-Intercept to Standard Form Equations

graphing parallel lines

Graphing Parallel Lines

By now, you are probably well on your way to becoming a master of graphing lines! If you understand the information you can get from the equation of a line, graphing is quite easy. However, can you go beyond the given equation? I explained in a previous post about how to graph perpendicular lines, but do you know all about graphing parallel lines as well? Luckily, there is only one key concept to understand, and in this post, I will explain it for you. Continue reading Graphing Parallel Lines

Point-Slope Form to Standard Form Conversions

In this post, I’m going to explain a very frequently requested topic – how to convert your equation of a line from point-slope form to standard form. Sounds easy, right? Well, it isn’t difficult at all, provided that you understand the terminology and know what you’re doing. Follow along and hopefully all will become clear! Continue reading Point-Slope Form to Standard Form Conversions